The Abundology Podcast

Episode #161 - Empowered Eating with Erin Vanderkooy

September 21, 2021

There's no good, bad, right, or wrong when it comes to food. This podcast with Health Coach, Erin Vanderkooy, is full of information everyone can use to eat healthier. Do you know what leaky gut is or what impacts your microbiome? You will after listening! Erin explains the importance of chewing your food and how an elimination diet can help you reconnect with your body and take control of how you feel.

Erin Vanderkooy is a Health Coach who helps people eradicate unwanted symptoms and balance their own unique bodies. She teaches that this can be done by learning how to connect with what your body is telling you, and by making small incremental changes that can produce life-changing results. You can be empowered with your food choices, and Erin helps add unique-to-you tools to your toolbox. She is currently completing a Functional Nutrition Counseling certification and is a practicing Herbalist.

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