The Abundology Podcast

Episode #144 - Spiritual Weight Loss with Addie Beall

July 1, 2021

Spiritual Weight Loss Guide, Addie Beall, shares her weight loss journey that led to her spiritual awakening. Addie says the secret to weight loss is being in alignment, trusting yourself, and following the signs. Addie and Renee bring the Woo in this podcast as they discuss being a spiritual leader, creating your future self, and believing that anything is possible.

Addie Beall is a spiritual weight loss guide, podcast host, Chopra-certified meditation instructor, motivational speaker, and chief inspiration officer at Namaslayer.

Led by her core values of authenticity, fun, adventure, love, and inspiration, she uncovered her alter ego, Slayer, left her corporate job, lost 100 pounds, bought an RV, and is creating the life of her dreams. Over the past few years, she launched the MEfirst Sisterhood to guide, support, and inspire other women to discover their inner guides, find their own unique paths, and transform their lives.

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